Sunday, October 19, 2008

17 pound turkey

I can't remember exactly how long ago I was at my mom and dad's house and got out the bathroom scale and thought I would weigh Kiwi. It must have been a month or two ago. I weighed her and she was 13lbs. In the last month or two we have had a lot of comments from people who hadn't seen her in a while saying "She sure has grown a lot!" and "Wow is she ever getting big!" I just figured that she was mostly just looking fluffier because it's been a couple of months since her last haircut and she usually looks bigger when her hair gets fluffier. However, when we were in Swift Current this weekend I weighed her again on my inlaw's bathroom scale and she has gained FOUR pounds. I couldn't believe my little baby is 17lbs!! She seems heavier, but it has been fairly gradual, so I could not definitely say she weighed more. When we got her eight and a half months ago I never expected that she would get to the 15-20lbs that they said she could potentially be. I thought she might get to be 15lbs at the most, but looking at that little shivery 2-3lb pup it was hard to anticipate the pretty little dog that we have now. One of my many nicknames for her is 'turkey'. Today I called her my 17lb turkey and it made Jason and I laugh pretty hard.

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