Monday, September 01, 2008

When I had the dog out for a walk this evening I picked up a Sunday Sun from the newspaper stand. I also picked up a fall Leisure Guide. I just spent a few minutes going through it and there are LOT of community classes offered for very little money and I am thinking about enrolling in a couple. I have always secretly had a bit of an interest in taking belly dancing. There is a beginner class being offered at Sutherland School for people 18+ years old. I hope if I do sign up for it that I am not the oldest, most of out of shape person there. It is a beginner class....I think that belly dancing requires some flexibility however I also think that doing it should improve my flexibility. If anyone out there is interested in coming and making a fool with me...the registration is on Wednesday evening at Forest Grove School ;) I also saw a Thai cooking class at Sous Chef. It is a one time three hour class. I will have to keep my eyes open for the Winter Leisure Guide and maybe I will try some other classes. We don't have a Stonebridge community association yet, but I suppose until we do, I can mooch off of other communities.

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