Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A little frustrated

A couple of months ago I changed the radio station on our alarm clock. I was getting annoyed and sick of the morning show people on Rock 102, so we decided to give The Bull a chance. I had listened to them some and found that they played a lot of good old country from when I used to like country. It has been good for the most part, however the news casts leave something to be desired. This morning they reported on the 37 year old man who had been attacked and stabbed over night. However they chose to include the detail that the two thirteen year old kids were 'native'. Maybe they were, but typically they do not say those things on the news. Secondly they announced (much to my delight) that city council had decided to change the speed limit in high school zones back to 50km/hr. However, in listening to News Talk 650 a half hour later they informed us that city council had almost unanimously voted to keep high school speed zones at 30km/hr. I just don't quite understand how The Bull could report like that, but I guess I know from now on not to take what they say as truth. Not sure what options we have for waking up in the morning anymore......we need to start broadcasting Fuel 90.3 FM from Calgary!

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