Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So excited!

Our yard is starting to take shape and I love it! I will admit that the grass in our backyard is going to be pretty minimal, but since I am the lawn mower in this family, I am okay with that. We have been brainstorming ideas to put in our pretty new planters (I might try to plant some bulbs this fall!). Also trying to picture the plants we chose for our shrub bed along the fence and seeing if they will fit okay. I would REALLY like to have a double flowering plum, but they do get to be 5-6 feet high and wide. Not sure if it will fit where I wanted to put it.

I have very impressed with the guys we hired. Emerald Landscaping is the company. There have been four guys here pretty much from 9am-5pm for the last week. They are super laid back and have given us some extras for 'free'. I say 'free' because we are paying them a lot, however I imagine that some companies are very rigid that you only get what is in the contract. For example, we are having an arbor made for us by Steelmet Supply. Under the arbor they planned to lay down some paving stones to make for a nice transition between the patio and the grass. Instead of just using plain old paving stones, they are using remnants of VERY expensive stone tiles that one client had shipped over from China to go around their pool. We have also made some adjustments to the original plans and they have been quite flexible. I can't wait to see the finished product. I will (or Jay will) post some before and after pictures of it when it's all done.

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