Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming along nicely

Here is the crushed rock along the side of our house. Much better than the 6 foot tall weeds that were there a week and a half ago!

Flower/shrub bed in the front yard. A little different than our original plan, but I like it better. They are also in the midst of digging trenches for in-ground sprinklers.

Our new planters. I am looking forward to planting lots of pretty flowers and stuff in them. The black edging along the fence will outline a shrub bed. The middle of the yard will be sod.

Our tree that was moved into our yard earlier this summer. It seems to have done well, and now looks like a lot of the trees are looking this time of year. I hope that it will survive the winter and come back next spring.

This is the expensive Chinese tile that I mentioned in my last post. One of their previous customers had it shipped to Canada at an expense of $30,000 just to ship it. They had it laid around their pool. These are a few of the remnants. This will be the transition between our patio and our lawn. Our arbor will go between the planters.

Another small rock garden thingy under our tree. I don't think we will plant anything in there, maybe just put a few special ornaments under there.

Kiwi likes the new planters too ;)

I was impressed that they were able to run the water line from the side of he house to the deck so Jason can access the sprinkler valves, as well as a water tap. Very cool!

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