Saturday, August 09, 2008

We are contemplating some landscaping for our backyard, and with the 'plan' we have come up with there is an arbor beside our patio before you walk onto the lawn. I had a vision of a nice metal arbor but wasn't quite sure where you would go about finding such a thing. I heard an ad on the radio for Steelmet Supply and recalled I had heard of it and that they did custom metal fabrication. We stopped in there today and what a neat little shop. They have a lot of metal home decor stuff. They also do custom work. We are going to get a quote for a custom made arbor. It is a fairly simple one, but we are getting some s-shaped pieces welded on in a pretty pattern. We are hoping to plant some sort of vine-type plants that'll grow up it :) Getting excited about possibly getting a yard made this year!

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