Monday, August 11, 2008

It was an eventful first day off of my week of holidays. I won't mention all the ins and outs of what we did, but for supper we went to the Upstairs Fondue Restaurant. It was really good! We both went for the four course fondue meal. It is quite pricey but it's one of those experiential places. Sort of like the Samurai. You pay a lot, but it's a neat experience as well as a great meal. The first course was a soup or salad. I tried the broccoli salad, Jay had the greek. They were both really good. Second course was cheese fondue. We opted for the cheddar and bacon fondue. It was very flavorful and quite garlicky. They gave us mushrooms, bread cubes, broccoli and apples to dip in it. Next is the entree course. We opted to cook our entree on the hot rock instead of hot oil or broth. They give you a big slab of heated granite to cook your meat and veggies on. We each got to choose two meats and one veggie. I chose beef tenderloin, chicken and mushrooms. Jay chose shrimp, scallops and zucchini. They also give you a variety of dipping sauces and roasted potatoes. It was a little slow getting going, but we got all our meat and veggies cooked. The fourth and final course is the dessert. Let me just say YUM! We chose peanut butter cup fondue. It came with bananas, strawberries, rice krispie pieces, brownies, tiny cheesecake, cherry, cream puffs (without the cream)...I think that was it. But it was SO good. It made me want to get a fondue pot and make my own chocolate fondue. Mmmmm!

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