Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fine China

I have never really understood paying big money for fancy dishes. I think that what you put on the plate is more important than the plate itself. I have (for most of my life) eaten off of Corelle dishes and have done just fine. I remember when my sister got married that my grandma said she should pick out a china pattern and register for it. So she did and she got a number of the pieces as wedding gifts. However, shortly after the wedding my sister found out that the pattern would soon be discontinued and my grandma bought her as much as she could to help fill in the gaps. I also recall as kids, when we were poor as dirt, well maybe not that poor, but mom had her fine china that she would dig out for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. My grandma was very traditional about those things. I think she got china as a wedding gift, so she expected that everyone should. I was told a few years ago that grandma had a set of china for me. I think she had a few sets, that she got as gifts and were passed down from her parents to her. With grandpa being moved into the nursing home, some things have been cleared out of his house. One of them was my set of china. It arrived today and as I unpacked it, I felt rather nostalgic. It was the set of china that grandma and grandpa used when we went there for Christmas dinners. It is a nice set, that isn't super fancy, but is pretty and I think I will use it. Not every day, but at some point, when I host a dinner party or something, I will dig it out.

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