Thursday, July 31, 2008

My thumb may be greener than I think

Last October, as a housewarming gift, my sister bought us a basket with three plants in it. It was quite compact and the plants all fit nicely into it. There were a couple of flowering plants and a dieffenbachia. I think one of the flowering plants was some sort of species of begonia (pictured above in the green pot). When the plants quit flowering though, they never flowered again. I was hoping, maybe by repotting them that they would possibly flower again. I never thought of myself as having a green thumb, but it might be greener than I think it is. I have managed to keep that basket of plants alive for months and sometimes I would forget to water them for weeks. I had fun picking out new pots for them, and I think they are pretty. The plant on the far left of the picture is an ornamental pepper plant that I picked up almost a year ago at Extra Foods because it was neat. The peppers have long since dried out and been plucked off (not eaten, mind you). It has flowered numerous times, but no more peppers. However, the green foliage has really grown. I know that this spot, in our kitchen by the window is a great spot for plants. They get plenty of sun because of the south exposure. I wish I had more good places in our house to put plants. I think I would enjoy having live plants in the house. We never did when I was growing up, because my mom's thumb was not very green....there was the one time she accidentally watered the VCR (make sure you don't hang pots of plants over top of the VCR because they might drip when you water them...). Maybe when the dog gets older and stops eating everything in sight I could try to put a big potted plant on the floor in the living room. Or maybe by then the dieffenbachia will be a good 4 or 5 feet tall. Hmmmm...

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