Monday, August 04, 2008

Fine China Part 2

As per Karen's request.... Here are pictures of two of the pieces. The first is obviously a teacup the second is a saucer. I really like the teacups, but there are only three left with the set. So I am going to keep my eyes open for the possibility of finding some more at an antique store, or thrift store or something. The pattern is called Romney and it is by the company Spode. So...if you ever see one of these pretty teacups, or other unique pieces I wouldn't be opposed to picking some more up. I found a site online where you can buy individual pieces, and they were selling the teacups and saucers for $30 for the set. That's a little steep....and there was a tureen that was going for $800. Don't think I would pay that, but it might be fun to add pieces to the set if possible.

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