Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We are home again, *sigh*. Long weekends always go by so fast! I know we can't complain because we had an extra long weekend, and got to spend three full days and two part days at the lake. In those days I think we were able to partake of almost everything the lake has to offer. We were lazy (LOVE the new patio swing), we ate a TON of great food, we fished (I probably caught about 4 or 5 little perch), we boated, we swam, we visited, the boys went target shooting, we had a few camp fires. We also got about 387 mosquito bites between the two of us. I am glad that west nile has not been mentioned this year, or I might fear that I have it by now.

I enjoyed having Kiwi out at the lake with us. It was her first trip to the cabin and we were so looking forward to having her out there. She didn't mind swimming. I don't know if all dogs can naturally swim, but she did very well. She initially jumped into the water on her own, when I went wading in, but I think after that I had to put her in. But at one point I walked over to the dock, carrying her and put her on the dock when I was in the water and called her to jump in, and she did, and made a beeline for the shore. She slept through her first boat ride, ate lots of things she shouldn't have and managed to stay pretty close even off leash.

We got home this afternoon to find that our tree is still alive (thanks to my parents watering efforts), the power had gone out, and the desktop computer is not working. We aren't sure if it's just a power supply, or if it needs replacing entirely. Not what we were hoping to have to do just before holidays, but I guess it happens. I was hoping to maybe have a couple of pictures to show off from the weekend, but I don't have the software on the laptop to process them off the fancy camera.

Only 8 days of work then I am on holidays! Woohoo :)

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