Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have thought about hosting an Epicure party for quite some time. I have never hosted a home party before and I went to an Epicure party last year and really enjoyed it. You go to the party and you get to eat food. Epicure does a variety of products, but I think they are most popular for their spices and dip mixes. So you go and get to try out different dips and sauces and whatnot before you buy them. And they aren't terribly expensive. When I think about having one, I feel guilty at the thought of inviting my friends to a party where they might have to spend money. I have gone to many parties (my sister has hosted TONS of them), and I never feel terribly obligated to spend an awful lot, and with this, you are getting food. And who doesn't like food?! Maybe I just need to get over it and book a party and if no one shows up, I guess I will have lots of munchies and dips to eat for myself! :)

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