Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And Life Goes On

Not too much exciting here since we got home from holidays. Let's grandpa was finally moved out of the hospital into a nursing home. He had been on a waiting list to be moved for a while and a bed finally opened up. It sounds like he is settling in well, and my parents have been out in Calgary for the last week and a half. They will be back tomorrow.

I went berry picking! I bit the bullet and went by myself. I picked a 4L pail of strawberries and one of saskatoon berries. The strawberries have been disappearing steadily out of the fridge and I froze most of the saskatoons. I couldn't believe when I got out of the car at the Strawberry Ranch and you could just smell strawberries. Mmmm, they are so much better than any I have bought at the store! I hope to make a saskatoon berry pie sometime soon, and tried my hand at a saskatoon crisp, which was quite tasty.

We went to see The Dark Knight on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the different route they have taken with the last two Batman movies. The original one that came out in the early 90s with Michael Keaton as Batman, it was alright, not really cheesy. But it seemed that as the 90s progressed, the subsequent Batman movies got cheesier and cheesier. I think Batman Begins and now The Dark Knight have been a bit darker with MUCH less cheese. I really liked Heath Ledger as the Joker. He was very sinister but also had his funny parts. Overall, good movie!

I get another week off around the middle of August. We have started to make a few plans to take advantage of the time off. We are planning to take a day trip up to Emma and Christopher Lakes to visit some friends and family up there. We are also planning to have supper at The Upstairs Fondue Restaurant! I am so excited to try that place. I have heard very good things from coworkers and friends about that place. I am also going to get an oil change for my car (exciting!). Other than that, I would like to hang out with Karen and Aurelia and just enjoy the time off in the city.

I am planning a baby shower for Karen and Aurelia on the 24th of August. I am pretty excited about that....better start cleaning the house :P And I finally booked an Epicure party for September 10th (she doesn't do it's a Wednesday evening). So if you would like to come and buy some dip mixes, or just eat some dips, let me know and I will add you to the guest list ;)

Oh yeah, I have been reading a blog called Stuff Christians Like that I found from another blog I read sometimes. I have been working my way through his archives and I think it is very funny. Some of it is very relevant and other stuff just cracks me up because it is so true.

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