Saturday, July 05, 2008

Latest Kiwi Pictures

Obviously I didn't take her for a ride, because she would have never sat still enough. Though it made for a cute photo op.

She really likes the grass and I think once we landscape our yard she will love to spend time out there with us. I have wanted to get a picture of her from this vantage point for a long time, however at home she is much to curious about the camera to let me lay down on the floor to get a picture of her. However, at the lake, she was on a tether that allowed me to get down without her licking Jay's expensive lens :)

Her very first swim! She was a natural (as I think most dogs are), but I wouldn't say she loved it. I think she appreciated cooling off though!

Soggy and thinking about jumping back in. She gets quite frisky when she is wet and shortly after this she went for one of her high speed runs.

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