Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A few thoughts

Next week is holidays. We planned this back in March and I can't believe it's next week already. My coworker has been away on holidays for the last week and a half so I have been able to pick up the slack at work so I have been quite busy this week. I am glad to make some good money, but my body sure feels the extra work.

For some reason I thought that Drumheller was on the #1 highway. I am not sure where I got this impression, but after looking at a map today I realized that it isn't. We have been a little frustrated because no one can seem to tell us how far it is from Saskatoon to Drumheller. My dad figured that it is only about 4 hours from Saskatoon to Hanna, and looking at the map, I am sure Drumheller can't be more than another hour and a half. I realize that we will need to stop a couple of times for bathroom breaks and food, so it might take longer than that....but we are planning to leave at 8am, and our play is at 3pm and they say to be there about an hour earlier. I figure that should give us lots of time and if we are late for the play, I guess we are late. We just don't want to be sitting around in Drumheller twiddling our thumbs because we can't check into the hotel until 3pm.

I was looking at a map of Calgary and it really doesn't seem too hard to navigate. There are a lot of good freeways and unless there is a lot of construction on the main drags, I think we should be pretty confident getting around. We are going to check out Ikea, and apparently it has moved since the last time I was there. It is now in the SE and not too far from our hotel. I looked on the Zoo website and found out there is a new baby gorilla which we might get to see.

Can anyone tell me whether dinner means supper or lunch? I have heard it referred to as both, but I am not sure which is correct.

We got some real luggage the other day! It is a 5 piece set (3 suit cases and two carry on type bags). I don't know that we will ever need that much, but I think it will be nice to have the variety. And they are all on wheels....AND the biggest one fits perfectly into the back of the van! Woohoo!

Tonight I felt like I needed a soak in the tub. I turned on the tap and went back into the kitchen to tell Jay something and went back to check on the bath and the dog was in the tub, drinking bath water. Haha. Up until now I don't think she could jump into the tub, or at least she didn't realize that she could. I guess I won't be letting her into the bathroom when I am in the bath anymore because I don't really want to share the tub with a dog!

Tomorrow night we are meeting Jay's parents in Rosetown to hand off the dog. They have generously offered to puppy-sit for us while we are away. It will be strange to be here on Thursday and Friday without the dog. She is 7 months old now, as of yesterday, which means we have had her for a little over 5 months now! Time flies! I wonder how she will feel being without us for a week?! I am sure it'll take her a while to get back to normal once we are home again.

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