Friday, July 04, 2008

Free Movies

We got hooked up with Sasktel Max last week. For the first four months we get all the channels for free. I have enjoyed watching the game show network, discovery health and much more retro. I have also appreciated having the Movie Central channels. There is a Movie Central on Demand menu on there as well. There are about 20 or 30 newer movies (nothing too spectacular) but they are free, so I have been watching a few.

My first choice was Little Miss Sunshine. I have heard conflicting things about that movie. One friend had no idea what it was about and decided to watch it at the theatre because she didn't know any of the movies playing. She hated it. Others I talked to liked it. I watched it, and I would say up until the last scene I didn't mind it. I really didn't need to see a young girl doing a strip tease, not that she gets naked or anything, just was sort of disturbing to me. And the excessive use of the f-word in that movie got a little tiresome. But I did like parts of it.

The next movie I watched was Hairspray. I actually watched about the first three quarters of it a few months ago and was more than a little weirded out by John Travolta playing Tracy's mother. I found that when he sang songs in that movie, parts of it reminded me of his singing in Grease. It was an upbeat movie, and I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.

Last night I started watching The DaVinci Code. When it came out there was a lot of controversy about it from Christians. I am not one to jump to conclusions without seeing it myself first. After watching it, I think I can see why people were upset. I don't think it was that great of a movie, and I thought the ending was quite predictable. Maybe the book was better.

Here's hoping they start playing some better movies.

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