Saturday, April 05, 2008

My little baby is growing up

I noticed today when playing with Kiwi that she has lost two of her puppy teeth. Her front two top teeth to be precise. I thought I noticed the other day that one of her 'fangs' was loose, but it was just my imagination.

In other Kiwi news, we started puppy classes this week. I have really enjoyed them so far and I think Kiwi has too. She was very shy and scared at first (I have never seen her boogie up onto Jay's lap so quickly before), but today (second class) she was just shy for a couple of minutes then was quite into butt sniffing and other fun puppy activities.

I have heard it said before that a large percentage of puppy training and dog obedience training involves training the owners. It can be hard to be consistent, but I am glad that Jay and I are learning to be and we have really noticed a difference in Kiwi's behavior because of it.

I found myself getting a little frustrated today because we were working on 'heeling' and there seemed like there was a lot to remember (walk fast, keep the food up by your face, keep the leash loose and down by your waist, praise quickly, don't stop to treat, keep walking, etc) The first round I felt like I didn't have a clue what I was doing and Kiwi didn't really respond to anything I did. However the second round she did really well, and so did I. I remembered most of what I was supposed to be doing and it went well. Another thing we did today was getting the puppies to come to us through a tunnel. Kiwi was a little unsure at first, but she really seemed to like it after a while. I think that dog agility might be a fun activity to get into.

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