Sunday, March 30, 2008

A look back in time

My mom has been trying to keep herself busy with sorting out boxes of stuff in the house. She recently stumbled upon some of my old stuff. A few old high school and elementary school assignments. One of which was a scrapbook from the 1993 federal election (remember those Karen??). I remember I was quite thorough with cutting out every article, photo and cartoon related to the election from the Star Phoenix. However, I wasn't quite as thorough with reading the articles. If you look at them, I went through and highlighted every other paragraph. I am sure the teacher must have noticed this, but I imagine after looking through 25-30 scrapbooks with mostly the same articles and pictures you don't take the time to care whether the kids actually read them. And really, what 13 year olds follow election coverage??

One of the other things my mom found were two scrapbooks that I made in grade three after my car accident. I kept all of the greeting cards that I had received when I was in the hospital and I glued them all into scrapbooks. My class at the time all made me cards. I remember my sister and my mom giving me a hard time because one of the boys in my class, wrote 'I love you' in my card, haha. I also have cards from Karen and Anthony. I just couldn't bring myself to throw them out. I don't want to be a pack rat, but I had to smile when I browsed through those cards this evening.

Also found my high school transcripts. I was such a keener :P I took 10 classes EVERY stinking year! I look back now and wonder why I took French through to grade 12. My grade 12 French mark was the lowest in all of high school, 76%, ouch! Ha! Grade 10 English was 79% because of crazy Mr. Hawn who had anger management issues.

I am usually able to throw things out without thinking twice. But I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of my calculator that followed me through high school and university. I also came across a pendant that I got from an ex boyfriend. It is something I would so never wear again....cheesy....and I would give it to someone if I had someone who would want it. I wasn't about to throw out a 10K gold pendant. Even though it probably isn't worth anything...just the principal of it. If anyone out there wants a heart shaped pendant that says 'special' in the's all yours ;) Or a calculus text book. I gave mom and dad the okay to do whatever they want with a few of my old university text books. Before I got married I tried calling around to used book stores to GIVE them away, and no one wanted them. If anyone would like some old commerce, geology, or calculus text books, you can have them!

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