Tuesday, January 31, 2006

God is good.

Yesterday I felt incredibly discouraged about my job. It has been pretty slow at work this month (the slowest month I have had since I started there). Last night we had our small group Bible study and as usual at the end of the evening we brought forward prayer requests and ended our evening in prayers for eachother. I asked that someone would pray about my job that I would feel better about it and get more clients. Not that today was incredibly busy, but I decided to go in early this morning even though my only appointment was booked at 5pm. Sure enough about 20 minutes after I got there, a man walked in and asked if we had any appointments available right away, and of course I did. So I ended up with 2 clients today. And I have also been having some problems relating and feeling comfortable with my co-worker Jan. Today we had some good conversation and I just all around feel better.

As I walked down the hallway on the way home I smelled pizza....now I want pizza.....mmmm pizza....

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