Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can you believe it's been a year already?!?!

I have found lately that I wake up in the morning feeling tired. Usually once I am up and about I am okay. But the act of dragging my butt out of bed is pretty difficult. I am thinking that taking a multivitamin might help with my lack of energy (or maybe it's the low iron plaguing me again...). I do have a doctor's appointment to go for a checkup in about 3 weeks so I will definitely ask the doctor about that when I go.

Guess what Sunday is?? The date is January 22nd, year since Jay and I got married! Wow what a quick year it has been! I was saying to Jay just the other day that it feels like we have been married forever, but yet at the same time I am still amazed when I stop to think about the fact that I am married. We decided that we are going to celebrate on Saturday. So far my plans include going for a pedicure on Saturday (Jay gave me a gift certificate for Christmas) and we are going to the Second Ave Grill for supper (a married couple that I see at work gave us a $50 gift certificate for that restaurant as a Christmas gift!). So it shouldn't cost us too much to celebrate this first anniversary of ours, but it should be fun! We were also remembering that we stuck 2 of our wedding cupcakes in the freezer after our wedding and we will have to dig those out :) Mmmm those cupcakes were SO good!

Some people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I think that if this last year was the hardest that Jay and I have some VERY good years to come. We have definitely had some adjustments to make but we are doing so well. Yay for us! hehe

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