Sunday, January 22, 2006

mmm food

We went to the 2nd Ave Grill for supper last night and it was super good. We did not cheap out on anthing. I had ribs, Jay had lobster. We each had an alcoholic beverage, and we shared cheesecake to end the meal. It was super good and I think I would go back again. The reason we chose to go there is because I got a $50 gift certificate from 2 of my clients at work as a Christmas gift. So after all of that our bill came to $80 including tip. So really $30 for an awesome meal like that isn't so bad. One thing Jay commented to me and I totally agree, is how in the world anyone can afford to drink publicly. It doesn't cost so much if you buy the booze and drink it at home, but at $5.50 per drink last night, I don't know how anyone can afford it. One thing that I did really like about their menu is that there are a lot of good looking selections that are between $8-15 if you wanted to go out and eat something less expensive. And if you ever want to try martini's, they have 3 pages of different ones in menu!

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