Sunday, December 04, 2005

I love Chinese food.

Last night, Jay and I took his friend Patrick out for supper to Genesis. For those who are not familiar with Genesis, it is a Chinese food restaurant on 22nd street. We were introduced to it by Karen and have been back probably at least once a month since then. We told Patrick that we would take him out for Chinese food as a Christmas gift to him and that is why we went last night. The food was excellent as always (they have especially good egg rolls!), then at the end of the meal our fortune cookies came. I took one and noticed that the fortune was sticking part way out between the opening in the cookie. I pulled it out without breaking the cookie and found that there were TWO fortunes. Now this has happened to me a number of times before, so I read them both and figured I would break the cookie apart and eat a little bite. I cracked it open and there were TWO more fortunes inside the cookie. I got FOUR fortunes last night in ONE cookie!!! None were particularily insightful, but I think the best one was "Only the lead dog gets a change of scenery."

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