Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Atonement Child

I just finished reading a book by Francine Rivers called The Atonement Child. What an interesting book! It is about a young Christian girl who has her life figured out, is engaged to a young man who plans on pursuing a career as a preacher, is in Bible college pursuing her own education. Then one night when she is walking home from work she is raped and becomes pregnant. Her whole life basically falls apart. Her fiance treats her like it was her fault and pressures her to have an abortion. She breaks up with him and goes home to her parents and they also try to pressure her to have an abortion. These are Christian people. Just something that I had never thought of before. I don't believe that abortion is ever okay, but wow, can you imagine getting pregnant under those circumstances. It was a great book if you are looking for something interesting to read!!!

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