Friday, January 08, 2016

Christmas and a general update

It has been a few years since I actually felt excited about Christmas.  Last year was fun, but Fiona was too young to do anything other than lay there and be adorable. This year she still didn't GET it....but she enjoyed ripping paper and playing with some new toys.  It made Christmas a bit more fun for me, and I look forward to the years to come with her.

It was our turn to head to Swift Current for Christmas this year.  We were excited to get away and spend time with Jay's family.  We hadn't been to Swift Current as a family since Fiona was 7 weeks old at Thanksgiving of 2014!  Fiona traveled well both ways and slept like a rock star while we were there.  She even cut her 4th molar while we were there.

Fiona is now 16.5 months old.  She has 12 teeth and only has 4 eye teeth and 4 more molars until she has her full set of baby teeth.  It felt like she teethed forever before all of her first molars showed up, but once she cut that last one, we got a few days of happy Fiona.  Happy Fiona is such a joy, and sleeps 14 hours each night and naps 3 hours each afternoon and never whines.  Haha....honestly, I think she went through a growth spurt right after Christmas because she WAS sleeping 14+ hours/night and napping 3+ hours each afternoon.  It was nice, but kind of strange!

When Fiona was teething for her molars, each time she would be working on a tooth she would get a runny nose.  This past week I thought maybe she was starting to teethe for her eye teeth, but after a couple of days I realized that, no, she has a cold.  She has a really runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and has not been going to bed very well at night.  It is unusual for her to cry when I put her to bed but the last few night she has.  Hopefully, it will clear up soon!

Fiona's grandpa built her a toy box for Christmas!  We weren't able to bring it home as our van was already packed to the brim with gifts and food to bring home, but next time grandma and grandpa come to visit they will bring it up for her.  It will be nice to have a place to store her toys!

As always, it was such a joy to watch Fiona interacting with her grandparents. They adore her and she had so much fun at their house. Grandma kept us well fed and we sure enjoyed the lovely turkey dinner she cooked on Christmas day! Because Fiona was teething while we were there her appetite was a bit iffy, but she loved grandma's cabbage rolls!

Fiona is definitely transitioning into toddlerhood.  Even though she will always be my baby, she is growing and changing and turning into a little person more and more.  She has quite the little personality.  She loves to dance.  I am not sure where that comes from....maybe her grandma Clara? Or her cousin Will? Haha...certainly not her parents!  She can certainly throw a good tantrum when she doesn't want to do something....usually when she has a tantrum it means she is tired or hungry. And they don't typically last very long.

She got a play kitchen and some play food for Christmas....and so far she mostly just likes to throw things on the floor and suck on the food....but I am sure it will be well loved by the time she outgrows it in a few years.

I am not sure if I could list all of the words that Fiona can now say.  But she is trying to say words more and more.  She knows the word 'more', and calls her self 'Na-no' when we ask if she can say Fiona.  She is usually generous with 'hi-you' and 'buh-bye' once she gets comfortable with someone.  She has started calling Kiwi 'Key'.  When she sees pants or pajamas she says 'pa' over and over again until I say 'yes, Fiona it's pants/pajamas' She likes to give da-da a 'pu' (push) around the house. When she gets her hands on something new, or something she shouldn't have, or gets really excited about something you get a very big 'oo-ooo-oooo' from her, which Jay and I find absolutely adorable!

More than the words she can say, or tries to say, she understands so much. Usually in the evening, after bath time, and after a bit of play time (usually a pre-bedtime dance party) she will say 'na-na' which means night-night and will reach for my hand and hold my hand and lead me to the top of the stairs to head downstairs for bed time.  She doesn't always initiate it, but if I say, "Fiona, should we go downstairs?" she will usually grab my hand and head for the stairs.  She can now go downstairs.  I don't think I would trust her on the stairs on her own yet, but she has climbed down without any help from me.

She still enjoys her bath time.  I have been surprised recently when she likes to lay back with her head/ears in the water and just 'float' in the tub.  She is not so much about the splashing anymore.  We are registered for swimming lessons that start tomorrow, and though I am looking forward to them, unless her cold resolves by then, I think we might have to skip this week's lesson.


Karen said...

I thought maybe... just maybe.. you would do a yearly update.

Tufail Ahamad Khan said...

Nice update.