Monday, October 19, 2015

More Waiting...

After a miscarriage it is typical for doctors to request blood work be done once a week until the HCG hormone levels drop back to zero.  I never really gave it much thought why they do this, until last week, when I got a call that my second weekly test, that instead of dropping, my HCG level had increased.  That means that my miscarriage was incomplete and that there is still some tissue hanging out inside of me that needs to come out.  If it doesn't it can cause infection and other complications.

After I had that blood test, my doctor called me in for an ultrasound, and confirmed the fact that there was retained tissue.  They then asked me to go for bloodwork to see if the hormones had started dropping again, indicating that my body might pass it on its own, but the hormones were still rising.  So I have been prescribed Cytotec/misoprostal.  It is a drug that is used for a variety of purposes, but seems to be fairly effective for forcing out tissue after a miscarriage.

I spent a few days feeling very anxious/scared about the prospect of taking this drug.  After reading numerous stories online about how awful it was....I was prepared for the worst.  Yesterday, after our company left, I dropped Fiona off at mom and dad's and I took it.  I waited and waited and waited, and other than some light cramping, nothing happened.  I am really quite disappointed.  Not that I wanted to be sick....but the tissue still needs to come out, and the first round of meds did not work.  I am waiting on a phone call from my clinic to take a 2nd dose today and hopefully it will do the trick.  If not, I suppose they would schedule a d&c.

I am really, really, really ready to be done with all this.   

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