Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where has my baby gone?

Now that Fiona is one year old, I just can't believe how quickly she is changing, and learning new things. I didn't realize that one year olds typically could say a few words. I would say Fiona's most used word is 'no'. But she also knows dada, mama, pee (puppy), baba (byebye), hey/hi. I also think she tries to say 'tickle tickle' which sounds kind of like 'tookatooka'. Oh yeah, and she also says 'ta' when she wants you to take something from her.

She likes to make faces and mimic your faces.  The picture above is one of her faces.  Looking down her nose.  Haha.  She also does one where she tucks her chin down and looks up and looks shy.  Sometimes she will stand on our bed and look in the mirror on our headboard and practice making her faces.

It felt like it was going to be a long time before she started walking.  She just was not really that interested in walking.  She would scoot along furniture a bit, but wasn't a fan of holding my hands and walking.  Then suddenly she started standing unassisted more, and is now happy to walk along holding my fingers.  She has even taken a couple of steps on her own.  But has never done more than one or two before either losing or balance, or just realizing she wasn't holding onto something and sitting down.  I think we will have a walker within the next few weeks!

Fiona is up to 7 and possibly 8 teeth (she is not too keen to let me poke around in her mouth).  I can also see some bumps further back in her mouth, and I think she might be working on some molars or i-teeth.  She has been more whiney lately, and her sleep hasn't been as good.  Also she has been drooling up a storm!  Hopefully, they will stop bothering her and she will go back to having her loooong naps and looooooong night time sleep.

I decided this fall to sign Fiona up for toddler time through our community association.  I thought about swimming lessons, but decided it might be good for her to socialize with some more kids her age.  It starts in a couple of weeks.  It is on Monday mornings, and I think it is just a free play time for the little ones in the toddler room at Circle Dr. Alliance Church's toddler room.  I think it will be a good opportunity to get out of the house.  Hopefully, it isn't just a place for kids to spread around their germs....haha.

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