Friday, August 28, 2015

What to do?!

This week Fiona had her 12 month vaccinations and her 12 month checkup with our family doctor.  At each of these appointments, there were recommendations made about what her diet should look like.

The public health nurse said that she absolutely does not need to have formula anymore.  In fact, some kids who stay on formula too long, gain too much weight and that isn't good.  They said she should be drinking 2-3 cups of whole milk a day, and eat a variety of dairy, meat, fruits and veggies throughout the day.

My doctor said that she only needs two servings of dairy per day and that can include formula/whole milk/cheese/yogurt/cottage cheese/etc.  And that she should primarily be eating meat and veggies to ensure she doesn't become iron deficient.  Also she should have 800IU of vitamin D supplement per day.

I know that there is more than one way to feed a child....and I doubt most parents/kids follow the recommendations exactly.  There are days/weeks that Fiona mostly eats fruit and bread, but I feel like it is okay because she is still getting iron and other good things from her formula.  But I am feeling ready to be done with formula and bottles...and honestly, I don't feel like Fiona will miss it that much.  I feel like I really need to distract her to get her to take more than an ounce or two of formula, but if I give her a book or toy to hold on to, she will take 4-6 oz.

I also wonder about the public health recommendation to cut off a baby from formula at a some magical switch has been flipped and they no longer need it.  However, if you are nursing, you go ahead and nurse until that kid is 2+ years old.  I know that breast milk and formula are not the same thing....but I just wonder why there is such a push to get them off formula once they are a year old, but if it is breastmilk you keep on drinking as much as you like!  Maybe it is my slight insecurity as a formula feeding mom...but seems kind of silly to me. 

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