Friday, December 19, 2014

Fiona got to meet Santa!

We braved the mall on this very crazy busy Friday before Christmas to get a photo of Fiona with Santa!  At the Lawson Heights Mall you bring your own camera and take your own free photo with Santa.  I was impressed with the Santa there.  I thought the Midtown was the only Santa with a real beard....but this was a top notch Santa too!  I have this issue with Santas with fake beards....they seem creepy to me.  But this guy was really great!

I didn't know how Fiona would do, being handed to a complete stranger, especially one in a crazy outfit....and I had to wake her up to take her out of the car seat, so she was still a bit sleepy.  She did really well though.  No smiles, but at least there weren't any tears or pouts.  Though, I do find something really funny about photos of children freaking out on Santa's knee.  Haha!

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