Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Are we there yet?

I am by no means ready for the baby to arrive, but I am starting to feel slightly anxious to meet this little person that seems to enjoy using my bladder as a punching bag :)  Of course I want the baby to stay put until much closer to the estimated due date and I have a feeling that I will probably go overdue anyway.  I think I read somewhere that it is pretty common for a first time parent to deliver around 41 weeks.  I guess we will see!

Things seem to be coming together in the baby's room.  We have a few projects that we would like to work on to decorate the room a bit.  I ordered a crib mattress from Costco.ca and it arrived on Friday.  I was a bit nervous about ordering a crib from Ikea as I had heard that they are an off size, and that you need to buy a mattress from them.  I had read on a lot of online forums, and it seems that years ago that was the case, but in recent years they had changed their cribs that are sold in North America to be the standard size, and fit a standard size crib mattress.  The mattress that I ordered from Costco fits perfectly!

I have still been feeling pretty good.  I know that the most growth has yet to come, but there are a few things I expected to be a problem, which haven't been.  I expected to have more back pain and to be constipated.  Thankfully, neither of those have been much of a problem.  My back is usually achy when I wake up in the morning, but usually resolves once I am up and moving around.  I have had more heartburn than I expected, but it is still not awful.  Usually one or two Tums takes care of it.  I have had some food cravings, but nothing so urgent that I had to send Jason out at 10pm to get it for me.  I also haven't really had any food aversions.

(Me at 28 weeks pregnant)

We will start our prenatal classes through the health region in a couple of weeks.  I am not entirely sure what to expect, but I hope that they are interesting and relavent.  We also have our first official meeting the our doula next week.  We have 3 meetings booked with her, over the next couple of months, and I am also not entirely sure what they will entail.  I think sort of figuring out a birth 'plan' (I say 'plan' because I know that no matter what you plan for, birth is completely unpredictable....so it is good to be educated on your options, and know what you would like, if things go smoothly, but I am also prepared to throw it all out the window and do what needs to be done to ensure a healthy baby and healthy mom) so she knows how to best support us.  I also imagine she will go over some pain management techniques with us.
My work has been a bit slow in the last few weeks.  I am not sure if people are not calling because they don't want to make the pregnant lady work....or what.  But hopefully things will pick up a bit before I am ready to go off work because it is good to make money!  I am planning for my last day to be either June 27 or July 11.  I will decide once it gets a bit closer and I get a feel for how I am feeling, and how well I am able to cope with giving treatments.  Hard to believe that is only 6-8 weeks away!!   

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