Monday, March 10, 2014

It's a...


Haha ;)

We went to RUH for my ultrasound this morning.  I was booked in at the hospital because they thought that they might need some extra time to check the baby's thryoid, as it can be tricky if the baby isn't in the right position.  I was told when the appointment was booked to empty my bladder an hour before the appointment and then drink three glasses of water and arrive for the appointment half an hour before the scheduled time.  I didn't drink that much because I knew it would be more than my bladder could handle.  I drank a bit of orange juice (I have heard having some sugar before an ultrasound makes the baby a little more active), and maybe a glass and a half of water.  We arrived and checked in and sat and waited, and waited and waited.  After about 40 minutes my bladder was bursting at the seams so I said nuts to this and went to the bathroom.  I sipped a bit more water and when they called us in about 10-15 minutes later my bladder was feeling pretty full again.

I managed okay until near the end of the scan.  It was getting painful, and she was digging in right around my bladder.  When she was done, I asked if I could go pee yet.  She was like, oh sorry, we have to wait until your doctor sees the pictures and make sure we don't need any other angles.  So she left and I waited 5 minutes before I couldn't handle it any longer and I went.  Thankfully the doctor came a couple of minutes later and said that they got everything they need.  She said the baby is measuring perfectly for the estimated due date and that all the organs look good.  She said that they can't really specifically see the thyroid gland, but that they look for any enlargements of the gland, or abnormal growth of the baby, which could indicate thyroid problems, but everything was good today!

I feel like this ultrasound today was very clinical.  I was glad at the beginning that the technician said that she would be very quiet during the scan because she was concentrating and looking for specific things, but that just because she was quiet didn't mean that anything was wrong.  I laid there and couldn't see the screen for the better part of the scan.  Jay could see it, but said all he could make out was an occasional bone.  Then at the very end, once she had all her measuring done, she did turn the screen so I could see it and pointed out the baby's head, spine, legs, arm (the other one was tucked on the other side).  She tried to show us the baby's face or profile, but apparently the baby is shy and was hiding it from us.  We did see the legs kicking away :)

Before the technician started the ultrasound I asked if it was possible to find out the sex of our baby.  She said that we would have to ask the doctor when she came in.  So when the doctor came in and told us everything looks good, I asked if she could tell us what we are having.  She said she didn't even look at that pictures with that in mind, so she quickly scanned back through them.  She said, "those look like girl parts to me."  I was absolutely shocked!  I am still not quite sure if I believe her.  I had myself so convinced that it would be a boy.  I guess you can't put much faith in the old wives tales.  I think that is part of what had me convinced it was a boy....anyway.  We are thrilled that the baby is healthy first and foremost, but also happy to find out that we will have a baby girl.

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Valerie U said...

Woohoo! A baby girl! So exciting!