Friday, February 14, 2014

Maternity and Newborn Photos

My due date is August 9th.  It might seem like a long ways off, but we are already thinking about maternity photos.  Contrary to what most people might think, Jay is not doing them!  He wants to be in some of them, so we are hiring Renditure Photography to do some maternity and newborn photos for us.  It is going to be a unique experience, especially for Jay (I believe), to be on the opposite side of the camera.

We met with Amanda this morning to discuss what we are looking for.  We aren't exactly sure, but since I will be pregnant in the summer, we are hoping to do some outdoor photos sometime in mid-June.  We are thinking of doing some photos at the Forestry Farm as well as maybe The Boffin's Club/Innovation Place. 

Amanda said that she often will do a maternity shoot and then do newborn photos as well, as one package.  It sounds like a good option.  She said she usually recommends having the newborn photos done within 14 days after the baby is born, because the baby is sleepier and more flexible during that time frame.  She has the basement of her house transformed into her photography studio and has lots of backgrounds/props/lighting/etc to make for some excellent newborn photos.  Unfortunately Jay wouldn't be able to be in them because their house is not accessible, but we all know that baby Finkbeiner is going to be the star of the show anyway :)

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