Sunday, February 23, 2014

16 Weeks Pregnant!

Not so long ago, I used to think of pregnancy in months instead of weeks.  But since I have had a number of close friends/clients/etc who are pregnant, I have a slightly better grasp on the weeks of pregnancy.  I am just over 16 weeks.  For those that like to think in months, that would be between 3.5 and 4 months.  I can't believe that I am this far already.  I still have a long ways to go, and for most people who look at me, they wouldn't know anything is different.  My tummy has grown a bit, but it is still pretty small.  I took this photo about a week ago. 

The nausea and fatigue of the first trimester have eased off.  These days I mostly feel hungry, a lot.  I try to make good choices, but my weight gain so far is around 2-3lbs, so not bad.  I really don't want to gain more than I should, because then it will just be extra weight to lose once the baby is here.

I have my anatomy scan scheduled for the 10th of March.  That is the ultrasound where they check to make sure all of the baby's organs are present and functioning as they should.  Because I have hyperthyroidism, they also plan to take a look on the ultrasound at baby's thryoid (amazing that they can see that as the baby is still pretty tiny at this point!).  We are also hoping to find out the sex of our baby.  I feel pretty strongly that it is a boy, and Jay has mentioned that he is thinking it is a girl.

I don't know if it's normal for most newly pregnant women, or maybe stronger for those who have struggled to get, or stay pregnant.  I feel like I am starting to feel anxious.  It has been almost two months since our last ultrasound, and almost a month since I heard the baby's heartbeat at my doctor's appointment, and I sometimes worry that something is wrong.  I still have pregnancy symptoms, and I am not bleeding, but when you are not growing noticeably on a daily basis an you can't feel regular movements inside, it can be hard to trust that things are going okay in there.  I think I might be starting to feel some light flutters in there, but I am never quite sure if it is the baby, or my imagination.  Hopefully soon I will start to feel some more noticeable movements and that will give me some reassurance until our ultrasound in a couple of weeks.     


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie. I enjoy reading your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes, it is normal to feel some anxiety about how your baby is growing and developing. It's the start of loving and valuing your baby. It may help you to purchase a small home machine that lets you listen to your baby's heartbeat. Listening to it is reassuring and also a way for both you and your husband to celebrate your precious developing baby. Wishing you well!

Angie said...

Thank you Shelley :)

Jessica said...

I totally felt the same way, especially with my first pregnancy! I was four months along and I remember saying to my husband "How do we REALLY know I'm pregnant..." He thought I was crazy. It just was so hard to comprehend such a big thing. Luckily, just a short time later I started to be able to feel the baby move (it takes the longest with the first one), so then I could have more confirmation every day. :)