Sunday, March 03, 2013

One Year

It has been a year since I moved my business home!  I can't believe it has been a year already.  I do feel like it was the right move for me to make and am enjoying being at home.

I think I have gone through some cycles of slow and busy times but I did at my old clinic as well.  I really appreciate the flexibility that I have at home.  I had a lot of flexibility when I worked downtown, but being at home, I don't have anyone to answer to.  I suppose I have my clients to answer to, but I have rarely turned down appoitntments and never for frivilous reasons.  I think, with being at home, I have less last minute appointments, which are the ones when I was working downtown that always seemed to happen when I tried to make plans to do something when I thought I would have some down time (not a bad thing, just frustrating at times).  I appreciate being at home, and being able to throw something in the oven, or grab something out of the freezer if I forget first thing in the morning.  I appreciate being able to run out and get groceries in the morning (seems like I don't have a lot of morning appointments at home), instead of in the evenings or weekends. 

It has been such a long and snowy winter this year.  I feel like, with working at home, that I have been a bit of a home body this winter.  It has been nice to get out at times, but there are times when I realize that I haven't driven anywhere in a week.  No wonder I haven't put even 3000km on my car since we got at the end of March last year!  I am so ready for the spring this year.  I am glad that I didn't need to drive to work this winter and I don't think I had many cancellations due to the snow/cold/etc. which was nice.  

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