Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not one of my brightest moves

I have been slacking off on keeping the house clean lately.  I really wanted to clean before we went on holidays because I like coming home to a clean house.  Alas, that never happened.  I came home to a house that needed some attention, but had a pretty busy work week last week and neglected my cleaning again.  I figured, okay, well this weekend we have no plans, I will clean.  I don't know what it was, but Jay and I both woke up in a foul mood yesterday so needless to say it was kind of a wasted day (though I have to say we made some AMAZING thai chicken pizza which was good for the morale around here).

I felt energized after our weekly post-church visit to Tim Horton's for some deliciously creamy coffee, so I decided that I need to make myself somewhat useful this weekend and clean the bathrooms.  Side note: I don't like living in a particularly messy/dirty house, but I can put up with mess and dirt for much longer in other parts of the house, but the bathroom is what gets to me first.  I have to clean the bathrooms, even though I can neglect vacuuming or dusting for weeks.  Anyway, I was nearing being done my cleaning and went to flush the toilet after cleaning out the bowl and just as I flushed, for some reason the cleaning cloth which I was ringing out at the time fell out of my hand and with perfect timing swished down the toilet drain. 

I felt very panicked.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I decided to take my chances and flush the toilet.  The bowl slowly filled with water, but thankfully did not overflow.  I tried, at the suggestion of Jay to stick a wire hanger down to see if I could hook it.  No luck.  I started thinking about going and buying a toilet auger, but after a call to his dad, Jay suggested trying the plunger.  I tried it, fearful that I might cause a blockage further down the line, but it worked.  We could definitely hear the whoosh of water and wash cloth as it went down the line.  I flushed the toilet a couple more times and it seems to be fine!  Phew! 

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