Monday, April 23, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream Bars

Months ago I had a client tell me about a splurge she made while grocery shopping.  She had heard that Magnum Ice Cream bars were amazing so picked up a box.  She said they did not disappoint.  Delicious vanilla ice cream coated in Belgian chocolate with various other layers of nuts or caramel as well.  I had longingly eyed the boxes of them at Co-op for months, but just couldn't justify paying $8 for 3 ice cream bars.  Though, I am sure you would probably pay $5 each for them at an ice cream stand.  Anyway.  Last week they were on sale for $5 and we decided to splurge.  Oh my!  So good!  We decided to go for the double dipped chocolate with caramel and vanilla ice cream.  Basically it is vanilla ice cream with a thin layer of chocolate coating, then a layer of caramel with another slightly thicker layer of chocolate.  So yummy! 

I just looked up their website and apparently they have two new chocolate (my favorite!) and mochaccino (yum!).  I will keep my eyes open for them and maybe indulge a little more.

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