Thursday, March 01, 2012

Stick a Fork in Me!

Haha, or not.  But I AM DONE!!!!

It did feel a little bittersweet yesterday when I left my keys and walked away from Pacific Avenue Massage Therapy.  I started there at the end of May in 2005.  I was a 24 year old newly wed and had been a massage therapist for less than a year.  I have now been practicing for almost 8 years, married for just over 7 years and am a ripe old 31 years of age.  Yesterday, when Jay asked me how it felt to be done, I got a little teary.  

I am really excited to work from home.  I am looking forward to the flexibility and the slower pace (I feel like my body could stand to slow down a little, though I hope that I have enough clientele to keep me busy enough).  However, I will miss my coworkers.  I don't think that everyone is lucky enough to consider the people you work with friends.  I have worked with Mieka since November of 2005, Michelle since March of 2009 and Josh since February 2012.  It has been so nice to work with people who are professional, take their job seriously and really care about their clients.  I would say that maybe it's because we are self employed and if you aren't professional, your business will not prosper.  However, I have talked to many therapists over the years and you would be surprised about all the cattiness/gossip/laziness/etc that is prevalent within clinics.

I feel very blessed to have worked with such good people.  I will miss them, but I know that we will keep in touch.  I look forward to what God has in store for my home business and my life in the years to come.

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Robyn said...

May God bless and honor your choices, as you make your way into the future.