Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Weekend Away

I made it home today!  The roads were as clear as can be.  I was expecting the storm to be so bad, but I would guess there was maybe two inches of snow in Regina, though there was some pretty strong wind.  I am thankful that we weren't traveling yesterday as it looked pretty yucky out.

I went to Regina this weekend to take a course to learn to be an examiner for the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan.  I wasn't entirely sure if it was something I would want to do, or something I would be good at.  I hummed and hawed for a while, but decided that I still needed about ten continuing education credits before the end of October this year, so I went for it.  I was having second thoughts as we drove to Regina, but I have to say after sitting through the day yesterday, I feel pretty good about being an examiner.  They have completely revamped the practical exam format and I like it.  I am glad that I passed my exam seven and a half years ago and should never need to take it again.

There was a lot of talk this weekend about massage therapy being close to becoming legislated by the government.  From what I have understood, what that means is that there would be greater consistency in the standards required to become a registered massage therapist.  This will allow the public to be protected from people who claim to be registered massage therapists but do not have the required amount of training.  The course I took, which is the accepted standard for massage education was a two year, 2200 hour program.  There are therapists with NHPC (the other association) who have as little as five hundred or a thousand hours of training.  I really do believe it will be a positive thing for massage to be legislated in Saskatchewan.  There are currently only three provinces that are, BC, Ontario and Newfoundland (I believe).  There has been talk of legislation since I graduated, but this weekend it sounded like we are actually getting closer.

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