Thursday, March 08, 2012

My First Day

I started my new job today!  I was actually supposed to start on Tuesday, but with a late season snow storm, I had a couple of cancellations then called my other client to tell her not to bother coming all the way across the city in the storm and she was appreciative.  I didn't have anything booked yesterday, so today was it.

I had four clients booked and I think it went very well.  I am really impressed with how easy it is to use the debit/credit machine!  Three of my four clients used it to make payment today.  I was also happy that most of my clients today commented about how easy it was to find my house.  I have three more clients booked for tomorrow and one of them is at City Hospital, so it will allow me to get out of the house for a bit.  Next week is looking a little quieter, but hopefully will pick up to some degree.

The only issue is with our beloved, but annoyingly yappy Kiwi.  It didn't seem to be too bad in the basement, I could hear it, but it wasn't terrible.  I managed to not have any clients ring the doorbell, but Kiwi would bark when she heard the door open and close.  I am hoping that in time she will get used to more comings and goings from the house.  If not we might need to take more drastic measures.  I am not sure what that means exactly, but I know one of the girls I went to school with who works out of her home with a small dog puts her dog in the garage when she is working.  I am pretty sure we would still hear her in there though....I dunno.  Hopefully she will chill out a little in time.

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