Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two more weeks!

Tomorrow it will be two weeks until I am done at Pacific Avenue!  I don't think it has all sunk in entirely yet.  I still wonder what it will feel like to welcome my clients into my home and work here.  My office is pretty well ready to go.  I am planning to send out letters to my clients next week.  I have the envelopes addressed and ready to go, all 85 of them.  Just need to buy some stamps!  I already have 4 clients booked in at home for my first week!

I called today to apply for a debit/credit machine.  It is with a company called Elavon and it is through Costco.  You have to be a Costco member to access this service and it is significantly less expensive than some of the other companies that provide card processing.  One of my former classmates uses a terminal from them in her home office and said it's very convenient.

I don't feel like I have a ton of other stuff to do right now.  However, I will be heading down to Regina on February 24-26 for a course and the MTAS AGM.  I am hoping that it will look after the rest of the continuing education credits I need to get before the end of October this year.  Then the weekend after that, Jay and I are heading to Edmonton for a four day weekend.  I am really looking forward to going to Ikea and maybe shopping for some clothes as well as eating at some fun restaurants that we don't have in Saskatoon.  I have a feeling that the weekend after that I will be so happy to be at home, and relax and take it easy :)

I have also been trying to educate myself and research what sort of vehicle I would like to get if we can sell my car.  I am really coming up empty.  There is a certain price range that we are wanting to stick with and I have just changed my mind so many times already.  I thought I wanted a small SUV, but I just think they are pretty much out of that price range.  I had thought about different cars, but I don't necessarily want to end up with something that is almost identical to what I have now.  I think I wouldn't mind something a little bigger with maybe a little more Oooomph.  I think I would like to have a vehicle that is a step up from what I have now.  Something that rides a little smoother and has comfy seats.  But I really don't know what would be best.  I find myself feeling biased against domestic vehicles after driving a Mazda and occasionally the Toyota.  I am sure there are some great domestic vehicles, it just seems like anything that is sort of youthful and fun are imports.  But maybe, now that I am 31 I don't need to drive something youthful.  It's good that we aren't in a rush, because I just don't think there is much out there right now that thrills me.  

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Jordan said...

Congratulations! Working from home will be awesome!