Wednesday, November 09, 2011

So many colours...

I have been trying to narrow down the colour(s) that I would like to use for my home treatment room.  I am about 95% sure now that I am going to go with green.  I am thinking that I would like to do three walls in the same, lighter colour then do a feature wall in a darker green.  I debated about doing a feature wall in an entirely different colour.  I came to the conclusion that I think it would look a little too crazy for a relaxing massage treatment room, so I believe I will just do two shades of green.  I also am thinking that I would like to use orange as an accent colour in the room.  I have seen some photos of green with orange accents and I think it works well together.

I am not sure how Jason and I managed to pick out paint colours for our house so easily.  Not that our house is painted really exciting colours but it seemed to come to us pretty easily.  I have found a couple of times that I have picked paint chips that looked nice in the store, then either outside, or in our house they look awful.  It's hard to know what undertones will come out until you get into the space you will be painting and see how the light affects it.  At the suggestion of a couple of friends I decided to tape a few paint chips to the wall in the room that I am going to paint.  After doing that it felt a lot easier to narrow down the colours.  The ones I thought I liked initially were either too dark, or had undesirable undertones.  I think I have it narrowed down to about four colours, two lighter colours and two darker feature wall colours.  I am hoping to possibly start painting this weekend!  I spent some time removing baseboards last night and managed not to break any!  I think my next plan is to do a bit of taping around door and window frames, pull up carpet, finalize paint colours and buy some painting supplies.  Exciting!

I am also pretty sure I found the flooring that I am going to buy.  I have been watching flyers for a few weeks and last week we got a J&H flyer and their cork flooring was on sale this week!  I went and checked it out, and though it's not as cheap as other flooring, I really do think that the functional benefits of it will outweigh the cost.  I am hoping to go tomorrow morning and buy it.  This is fun :)

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