Friday, July 08, 2011


After a visit to my thyroid specialist this week, it has been decided that I should cut back my medication with the eventual aim of getting off of it entirely.  The doctor said that I am on such a low dose, and my blood work has been quite consistent for so long that there shouldn't be a problem coming off of it.  I would be happy to be off of it because then I wouldn't have to worry about any more prescriptions. 

I admit I feel a little bit nervous about it 'flaring' up and causing symptoms again.  But we will keep a close eye on it, and make sure I get blood work done on a regular basis so that if the levels change, then we can adjust the medication accordingly.  So today was my first day of taking half as much.  Here's hoping my thyroid is done freaking out and it can regulate itself and not cause me grief!

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