Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mogathon 2011

After failing to be able to run more than 14k without hurting my knee, I decided to change my registration for the Mogathon from the half marathon (21k) to the 5k distance.  I thought about trying another 10k, but thought, I have never done a 5k and I would like to give the shorter distance a try.  I have to say I quite enjoyed it.  My official time was 34:24 which is about what I expected.  I was hoping that I might do a little bit better, due to the excitement/energy of the race, but I am happy with that time.  Especially considering the last time I ran was almost two weeks ago.  I have had a lot on my mind lately and running was sort of put on the back burner.  I would like to get back into working out regularly because I want to be healthy and fit.

This first photo was taken as I was about to cross the finish line.  I was able to muster up quite a burst of speed at the end of the race and really boogied down the final stretch to the finish line.  I must admit that any time I try to sprint I have these visions of tripping over my feet and ending up sliding across the pavement on my face.  Thankfully I was able to keep up with my feet and made it safely across the finish line.

Enjoying a drink of water after the race.  Every participant got a medal for particpating.

Earlier in the week I had the great idea to create an event page on Facebook to invite people to come down to the Mogathon to cheer me on, if they would like to.  I was thankful that a few friends were willing to sacrifice a Saturday morning sleep in to come down and cheer for me.  Here's a picture with my two littlest cheerleaders :) 

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