Friday, February 11, 2011

One cool mom!

Last summer when I was doing P90X, I spent quite a bit of time reading and commenting on the Facebook P90X page. I found it motivating, and informative. In doing that, I connected with a few people that I didn't know, but who were also doing P90X at the same time. I added them as friends and not that I know these people well, but it has been neat to sort of 'get to know' people over Facebook.

One of the people who friended me is a lady from Texas who is a group fitness instructor at her gym. She is a mom of three teenagers, or preteens, something like that and she is super fit! As you may have heard, last week there was a big storm in the USA that started in Texas with a bad bout of freezing rain and ice. Because they are ill equipped to deal with such situations, their schools, and the gym were shut down for three or four days. Out of despiration, Adrienne created a half hour kick boxing workout. I watched it and it is awesome (I will try it at some point). Then yesterday she uploaded another home workout video of hip hop dance. Another awesome looking workout that I am looking forward to trying.

If you would like a couple of unique workout options I will post the links to the videos for you to check out.

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