Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*Poor poor me, whine whine*

I am not a big fan of doing house work. I love the feeling of being done housework, and having a clean house again. That's a great feeling! I find that every few months, or so, I have a super-intense lack of motivation to do housework. It takes everything I have to drag my butt of the couch, or a chair and get at it. There are so many other things I could do. In summer I do yardwork instead of housework. I would rather be out mowing the lawn or weeding, than scrubbing the shower or sweeping the floor. In winter, I would rather shovel snow than dust the rooms or clean the toilets. *sigh* I had a pretty busy day at work today, and the tiredness from the busyness did not catch up with me until I started trying to do some cleaning. I managed to dust and vacuum our bedroom this evening, but that seems to be all I have in me. One of these days I will find some motivation to give our house a good scrub down. Maybe if I did more entertaining I would be more conscienctious about keeping the house clean...hmmm


Karen said...

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You should throw a party.

How about a.. knitting party?

Angie said...

Who would I invite to my knitting party? My grammas? Oh no wait, they are both dead :P

Would you come to my knitting party?

Karen said...

Sure.. I'd come to your knitting party. And I'd bring the kids too. So, if you didn't clean before the party - you would need to after! ha.