Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knitting Projects So Far....

Here are my first few knitting projects! The first one here is the scarf that I started and got about half way done before I started on the red fluffy scarf. I did finish the red scarf first, but did eventually finish this blue one. It is a scarf for Jay. I decided to try a basketweave/checkered pattern so I got lots of practice with the knits and purls. I am pleased with the result and I don't think it looks too bad for my first try. I hope that it keeps Jay's neck nice and warm this winter, and in the winters to come :)

Here is a close up on the texture of the scarf. I think it's fun!

Here we have some models trying out three of my finished projects (and for some reason Kiwi is looking a little disgusted). The red scarf and hat are a gift for my mom (I am pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so I will surprise her with it sometime soon). The scarf was a breeze to knit up on size 11 needles in garter stitch. For the hat I followed this pattern. I did not have size 10 needles though, so I used the size 11 again and reduced the number of stitches I started with. However, it still turned out to be rather large and floppy. I tried to remedy this by rolling it up twice and 'sewing' the roll up, which I think made it look at least presentable. Not bad for my second attempt at a hat!

I think of all my projects so far, this is my favorite. I found this pattern shortly after I started knitting and right away thought it was really cute. I was initially daunted by the fact that it is knit on double pointed needles. But, after watching a number of tutorials on Youtube about knitting on double pointed needles, I thought I would buy a set and give it a try. I told myself if it didn't work out, or if I hated it, that I would return the needles and move on to other things. It was definitely different working with the double pointed needles, as well as working with a super bulky yarn, but I was very happy with the result.

I shared this picture of the back of the hat because Kiwi looks cute, and more importantly, it shows that it did not turn out perfectly. This was my first attempt at doing a project that involved doing decreases. For those not familiar with knitting, a decrease is when you decrease the number of stitches, and in this case you do it by knitting two stitches together. The majority of the hat, beyond the ribbed edge of it, is done in what is called seed stitch. It is done by alternating knit and purl then in the next row you make sure that the knits and purls are staggered from the ones below (if that makes any sense). I found that once you start decreasing that the knits and purls don't always line up properly, so I found that the back of the hat is a little bit lumpy. I still think it looks alright, and I am happy with it, as my first hat, and my first project done on double pointed needles!!


CH said...

Those are awesome!! Your red one looks like the same wool I used to knit a blanket a few years back. I started out knitting a scarf and decided to knit a blanket instead. I should have used bigger knitting needles, but the small ones made it turn out so beautiful. I did just a straight knit (no pearl, cross over, etc.) It turned out huge and took me 2 years to finish!! But we love it!!

Rebecca said...

Wow amazing work, I think you did better then Ali, The girl who even started all this!

Thanx for showing your hat!