Monday, October 04, 2010

Sorry to Bother You

We finally did something that we have been meaning to do for ages. We are getting a new deep freeze tomorrow evening. Jason's aunt's neighbor is selling hers and we came to find out about it through Jason's dad. It is the size that we were wanting and it is VERY reasonably priced. It's just a matter of getting it moved from her house to ours.

I have to say that I don't care much for asking for help from people. It's not that I am too proud, or think I can do everything by myself, I just fear that I am being a bother to people. I felt pretty stressed out when thinking about trying to find someone to help dad and I move this freezer. At first I thought the two of us could do it, but after looking online at a comparable freezer I saw that it might weigh up to 160lbs which I wasn't so sure would be doable for us. I am thankful to have some strong friends who were happy to help. But I still feel like I am being a bother to him.

I think this is the same reason I tend to shy away from hosting 'parties' such as Tupperware, Arbonne, Pampered Chef etc. because I hate to think that people might feel pressured to buy something. I know people have every right not to come, or to not buy anything, but I over think these things and worry about people feeling resentful about being invited to such a party.

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