Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend and Stuff

Even though the weather was ridiculously terrible this weekend, I feel like I had a good productive few days. Friday after work I got our front and back lawns mowed, did some weeding and some pruning of our shrubs. I was hoping to get up at a reasonable hour on Saturday to get some planting done since it wasn't supposed to start raining until around noon. I did actually get all my planting done and even got our front lawn fertilized before it started raining in the afternoon. I got my work out in, showered then it was time to cook some supper (home made chicken nuggets, potato wedges and broccoli, yum!). Saturday evening was spent relaxing because all the fresh air tuckered me out.

Sunday we went to church, came home, napped, rested, stretched, baked muffins and stayed in from the cold, windy, rainy, ickyness. I was so glad to wake up to sunshine this morning. My plan was to do my P90X work out (Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and Ab Ripper) then take Kiwi and go for a jog down by the river. My sister called this morning and asked if I would want to go for a jog with her and then go for lunch so that's what we did instead. We jogged/walked for a good 6-7kms and I am definitely feeling it this evening. Might need to have a soak in the tub. I then came home, showered and quickly went over to my sister's friend's house to exchange some Arbonne that I had ordered that I wasn't liking so much. I stopped at Superstore to pick up some fresh veggies for supper and while I was there I found two tops and a pair of yoga shorts for $50 (I flat out refuse to shop at Lululemon, or other expensive stores. I would have probably spent over $200 for what I got today at one of those other stores!

I started week six of P90X this morning. I have to say I am proud of myself for working out six days/week for the last five weeks. And all but one of the Sundays I have done my stretching video. So I have done some form of exercise for the last 5 weeks, every day! I am happy with my progress so far. The running seems to be coming along well too. I did day one of my 4th week in the couch to 5k program and it went quite well. It involved running for 3 minutes, then a walk, then running 5 minutes and walk then repeat. Today I did a lot more running than that, and it wasn't too bad, so I am feeling confident that in the next five weeks I should be able to train myself to run for 6k!

Speaking of C25K, I had downloaded some free podcasts with Christian music to use while I run to tell me when to run and when to walk. I have to say that I was excited to see that there was a Christian option. Just because the other option I found on the one website was just generic boring techno type music. But after listening to two of the podcasts I was incredibly disappointed with the music. It makes me want to sleep more than run........ I found a link to a different site tonight and downloaded some much more upbeat podcasts that have modern funky upbeat music that will keep me wanting to run, especially once I get to the point where it is just a 5 minute warm up walk and then you run for 20 or 25 minutes. No lame Christian music for me! :P

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