Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Ethan

I have been following updates on Facebook from Lisa about her little boy Ethan. They are the ones I wrote about a week or so ago. It looked like he was doing well for a few days, then he had a lung infection, then was recovering from that. The next hurdle was an assessment from surgeons in Edmonton to see if he was a candidate for heart surgery. I found out tonight that he is not. Now there is nothing more that can be done for him medically. Lisa and Shaun took him off of life support today and are going to take him home so they can spend some family time together before he passes away. I don't know all the details of his heart defects, but obviously he will have a bit of time before his heart is overwhelmed and can't function any more.

Man this sucks. So much. Makes me sad for them. How do you recover from something like a parent? I can't even begin to imagine. My heart just aches thinking about them and what they are going through right now. I guess all I can do is pray, and pray then pray some more. :(

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