Sunday, April 18, 2010

There and Back Again

I went to Regina Thursday for a two day continuing education course. I have a few points about my experiences to share:
  • That was my first time driving that distance on the highway by myself. It went just fine, even driving in the dark wasn't too bad. I saw one deer, but it was quite a ways ahead of me so I didn't have to brake.
  • I am so glad the highway to Regina is a divided highway. I cannot imagine driving that highway if it wasn't. I think I probably passed about twelve or fifteen semis on the way home.
  • It was nice to visit with one of my friends from massage school. Trina let me stay at her place so I didn't have to pay for two nights in a hotel. We had a nice supper out on Friday night and went to see the movie Date Night. It was pretty hilarious!
  • The course itself was pretty good. It was called Soft Tissue Release. We learned how to apply it to most of the more commonly injured muscles in the body. It is a combination of stretch and pressure applied to certain muscles and feels pretty nice to have done. Some of the positioning for it would be a little awkward if you are dealing with someone who is undressed under a sheet (laying at the end of the table with both legs hanging off the end to stretch the hip flexors, for example). I hope to incorporate some of the techniques, and I found myself thinking of certain clients of mine with specific problems that the treatment might benefit.
  • There was this older (probably in her 70s) lady taking the course who was SO annoying. She was a know-it-all who was 'correcting' the instructor, and throwing out her two cents when no one cared. You could just tell everyone was just rolling their eyes when she opened her mouth. I got the 'privilege' of being partnered with her to practice some of the techniques and most of what I was doing was wrong, but yet when she treated me she wasn't performing the techniques correctly and I just kept my mouth shut. Also she had a few fingernails that were really long. Her one thumb nail was probably 3/4 of an inch long! Ew! Massage therapy and long nails do not mix!!!
  • I made it home last night by about 7:15PM. It felt very nice to get home and see my hubby and puppy.
  • I was pretty apprehensive about the weekend, leading up to it. I was a little concerned about driving in the dark by myself. I was apprehensive about staying with Trina because I knew I would have to sleep on a lumpy futon and I didn't want to be a bother to her. I was apprehensive about the course because I didn't know anyone there, and I was hoping it would be an interesting course. I would say overall the weekend was much better than I was expecting. As I said, the drive wasn't bad, it was nice to visit with Trina (and the futon, though hard and lumpy was comfortable enough that I slept well), and the course was pretty decent and somewhat applicable.
This afternoon I did my P90X fitness test and passed all the requirements so I am planning to start my 90 day journey tomorrow. I imagine in the next three months I will write quite often about my experiences with this program. If I follow this through for the 90 days my last day will be July 18th, 2010. That is the first Sunday of our summer holidays. Then I would imagine that I would take a week or two off from P90X and maybe do another round.

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