Sunday, December 27, 2009

We're baaaaaack!

It was a very nice Christmas spent with Jason's family this year. It is always so quiet and low key when we spend Christmas with Jason's parents. There are only four of us. It almost seems a shame to cook a big turkey for just four of us. However, we all LOVE turkey sandwiches, so we are glad to have lots of leftovers! We had fun playing our new Simpsons Scene It game as well as a new one called What's Yours Like? Very interesting game that really makes you think.

Monday December 21st we had supper with my family. They all came over and we had Chinese food. It was very yummy! Even though when I called to order I was told it would be an hour and a half for delivery, so we decided to just go pick it up. It was hot and fresh and delicious! We also exchanged our gifts. For a number of years we have been drawing names and only buying one bigger gift for a specific family member. This year I got my dad's name and I got him a shirt, some cashews and an indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer/weather station thingy. He seemed to like it. My sister drew my name and she got me a professional hair straightener. I love it! I should have got one years ago!! It does such a nice job on my hair. Makes it very straight and smooth. I have been using a cheap Conair one for a few years and it would always pull my hair and didn't really make my hair smooth. This one is great!

I was also thrilled to get diamond stud earrings from my hubby! They are beautiful and I have worn them every day since Christmas. They are small enough that they can be worn daily, but big enough that you can see them. They are nice and sparkly and make me feel very pretty :) Thanks sweetie! I also got some perfume, some kitchen utensils, baking pans, toiletries, and a number of other really neat things. I know Christmas is not just about getting presents, so I have to say I was so happy to be able to actually surprise Jason with a gift! Usually it is hard to surprise him! I bought him bright headlight bulbs for his van, as he has commented in the past that he would like to have brighter headlights. He hadn't mentioned it for quite sometime, but I had remembered him mentioning it so I did some homework about them and went for it. He was very excited and surprised :)

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